Month: March 2016

Децата и технологиите: съвместна рубрика с Parentland.

Децата ни живеят в дигитална среда, независимо дали това ни харесва или не.  Родени са в среда, наситена с интернет – някои от тях присъстват във Facebook още преди да се родят, под формата на снимка от ехограф на стената на майката. Веднъж родени пък вече са заобиколени от устройства, които ги изкушават с това да направят живота им по-лесен, по-шарен и по-забавен.
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3 Good  Reasons to Use Technology in Kindergartens

Is it possible to keep the attention of a group of 5-year-olds for more than an hour? If you ask most kindergarten teachers, probably they’ll give you a burst of bitter laughter for an answer. The truth is that it is possible to have young learners focused for a longer period of time, especially if you combine a series of methods and you include technology among the other tools used in your approach to teaching kids.

The ideal educational strategy is to include a variety of different teaching methods, designed to communicate with kids on different levels. Technology is just one of these instruments and it will never replace the live games, be they indoors or outdoors. Using digital tools can only supplement your educational approach and ease the learning process for the kids, as well as for the teachers. If you still have your doubts, check out the following three ways in which technology improves the educational process in kindergartens.

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Who, where, what, how? – How to answer your kids’ questions!

In its first couple years, parenthood could become quite intense. Yet if everything goes well, the young parents are not presented with some extraordinary surprises. It’s all a matter of love, support and a few hundred diapers. The real deal begins with the first question that your child throws at you – what, how and more than anything, why? That’s the truly interesting chapter of parenthood. How will you answer your child’s constant questions and is there such a thing as a right or wrong answer?

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Кой, къде, как, защо? – Как да отговаряме на детските въпроси!

Как да отговаряме на детските въпроси?

Първите години на родителството несъмнено са доста интензивни, но ако всичко протича в границите на нормалното, младите родители не са представени пред кой знае какви изненади. Всичко е въпрос на любов, грижа и няколко стотин памперса. Истинското родителство започва с първата въпросителна – какво, как и най-вече защо. Това е и интересната част. Как ще отговорите на нестихващите въпроси на своето дете и има ли всъщност правилни и неправилни отговори.

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