Hundreds of million mobile devices are being produced and sold yearly. No matter if it’s the Apple products or devices using Android OS, it’s a fact that many of those devices are bought for kids or eventually end up in their hands. Kids use mobile devices for learning, watching videos or films, reading or playing games, but in all cases mobile devices become an integral part of children’s live, the way TV was a part of the lives of their parents.

Mobile devices manufacturers are well aware of the risks of kids having access to internet. That’s why in order to protect children Apple, for example, has introduced some options for parental control on iPhones and iPads.

First thing you should do as a parents is turn on the Restrictions option on your Apple device. To do so, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and then type in a four-digit code only you would know. From this moment on, your child won’t be able to download apps unless you type in that code.

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Another option you can find on your iPhone or iPad is the so called Guided Access or the option of locking your device and enable its use only on a specific app or game. For that feature open Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the Guided Access option.

On Apple devices

you can also restrict the access to one and more websites in Safari. Just go to Setting > Users > General > Restrictions


Tablets using Android also offer options for parental control. As a start, go to в Settings > Users > Add User or Profile and create a Restricted Profile. In that type of profile all apps and browsers are restricted by default. You can look through the list of apps and choose the ones you want your child to have access to.

You can imply some parental control in Google Play Store itself as well. In order to do so, you have to open the Play Store on your tablet or phone. In the upper left corner there’s a menu. Choose Settings > Parental controls and turn on the option. Create a pin code that only you know and then choose the content you would like to filter. Keep in mind though, that these restrictions will only work on the device you used to go to Play Store. If you have another Android device you need to repeat the same procedure on it a well.

Once you make sure that your mobile device is secured, you can relax and let your child enjoy playing educational apps. Don’t forget that just like with any other fun activities that your kid loves doing, your involvement is the most important factor for the security, safety and the healthy growing of your child.

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