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Why It’s Important to Stimulate Your Children’s Imagination

Simply the word “imagination” evokes the image of a spontaneous kid, free of prejudices, memories or fears who creates whole new universes in such a light manner that an adult would never be able to achieve. It was Einstein who first said – imagination is so much more important than knowledge. Stimulating your child’s imagination doesn’t necessarily mean that you set them on a path to a career in the arts. On the contrary – imagination is the mother of creative and critical thinking, without which you can’t advance in any profession, whether it’s engineering, managing or PR.

According to Sir Ken Robinson, children educational expert, imagination is the source of all achievements in humanity. And that is why parents need to recognize the importance of imagination for a child’s development and learn how to provoke it. One shouldn’t be afraid when children start to communicate in an imagination-expanding way, but instead should join their game. As there is no doubt that imagination plays a crucial role in the educational process and the cognitive development of small kids, we offer a few ways in which parents can stimulate their children’s imagination every day.

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