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Експертите говорят: Весела

Екипът на “Кой светна Луната?” силно вярваме в експертното  мнение. Слушали сме доста такива как се прави игра за деца: как трябва да изглежда, какво трябва да включва и прочие и прочие. Експертите, на които ние вярваме обаче са на не повече от 10, играят смело, летят до Луната и нямат страх от вещици. Весела е една от тях. Дадохме на Веси да играе на  “Кой светна Луната?” и потърсихме мнение. Ето какво ни каза тя: 

1. Какво ти хареса най-много в „Кой светна луната“?

Харесаха ми най-много картинките, как са нарисувани и всичките магически неща, коитo се правят там.

2. Играла ли си на подобни игри и преди?
Точно на такава невероятна игра не съм играла, дори и на подобна. 

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The Interactive Pleasures of Playing “Who Lit the Moon?”

“Who Lit the Moon?” is an educational app that unveils a world of fantasy for the little players. Many of the apps, that kids are used to, require the use of one and the same skill at every new level. These apps often have simple design and offer repetitive actions, with the story evolving very slow. This often leads to one and the same effect – children get bored after the first couple of levels and parents, whether they want it or not, have to delete the app and pay for a new one.

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“Who Lit the Moon?” – Educational Fun App for All kids

As a parent of a small child you not only learn to juggle day-to-day challenges, but you also come to realize how each and every choice you make shapes the future of the little one. Choosing the right kind of game is part of the long list of a parent’s responsibilities. Ideally, the perfect game would be highly engaging while also enriching the child’s awareness. It would be completely safe and also present an opportunity for mom and dad to take part as their involvement has such a crucial impact on the child’s development.

Well, such games do exist. And one of the best educational apps you could choose is called “Who Lit the Moon?”. Today we will tell you in detail why this mobile app is appropriate for so many children. 

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Meet Thelma More in the World of This and That

Most kids, especially the little ones age 5 to 8, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and games. Parents and teachers would agree – combining learning and playing in one and the same activity is a tough task. In order to succeed you need someone who is as curious and playful as a child. Someone who will involve the kids in a fun yet engaging activity. Someone like Thelma More, the protagonist of the fairy tale game “Who Lit the Moon?”, the first part of the mobile app series “This and That,” designed by Maya Bocheva and TAT Creative.

The endless curiosity of Thelma More

The hero of the story is Thelma More – a little girl who just loves asking questions. Luckily, her Grandma has all the answers and carefully keeps them in the big ancient book “This and That.” All the answers in the book are stories which Grandma tells to Thelma. “This and That” is the magical world of fairy creatures who make sure that everything goes the way it should.

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Who lit the Moon? Learn by playing educational apps for kids

Growing up is not a verdict as long as you don’t forget where you started from – that vast, colorful land of childhood imagination where everything is possible. Well, Maya Bocheva didn’t forget. She’s the author of the interactive fairy tale game, ‘Who Lit the Moon?” – the first part of the “This and That” mobile app series. Maya is an illustrator, an animator, a mother and last but not least – a grown up artist who still remembers her childhood superpower – imagination. Continue reading

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