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Are Apps and Mobile Devices Safe to Use by Kids?

Hundreds of million mobile devices are being produced and sold yearly. No matter if it’s the Apple products or devices using Android OS, it’s a fact that many of those devices are bought for kids or eventually end up in their hands. Kids use mobile devices for learning, watching videos or films, reading or playing games, but in all cases mobile devices become an integral part of children’s live, the way TV was a part of the lives of their parents.

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The Perks of Using Technology in Primary Schools

Imagine the following situation: student X plays on his smartphone in class. Teacher Y notices, gets mad, grabs the phone out of the student’s hands and forbids him to further use it in class. The possible effect of the ban is that X along with the rest of the students are even more tempted to use the forbidden device, while teacher Y gets even more terrified by the monstrous threat that technology presents to the educational tradition she’s a part of.

Now imagine a different scenario. Teacher Y takes advantage of the fact that most, if not all kids, have a smartphone or a tablet and decides to use the mobile devices to engage the kids in the learning process. She encourages student X and the rest of the class to use their mobile devices for learning purposes – for research or to take photos or videos for certain tasks. There’s no confiscated phones, no bans, just an up-to-date cooperation with technology. If you still think this scenario is too positive to be true, check out the following list of benefits that technology in primary school might have on the educational process.

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3 Good  Reasons to Use Technology in Kindergartens

Is it possible to keep the attention of a group of 5-year-olds for more than an hour? If you ask most kindergarten teachers, probably they’ll give you a burst of bitter laughter for an answer. The truth is that it is possible to have young learners focused for a longer period of time, especially if you combine a series of methods and you include technology among the other tools used in your approach to teaching kids.

The ideal educational strategy is to include a variety of different teaching methods, designed to communicate with kids on different levels. Technology is just one of these instruments and it will never replace the live games, be they indoors or outdoors. Using digital tools can only supplement your educational approach and ease the learning process for the kids, as well as for the teachers. If you still have your doubts, check out the following three ways in which technology improves the educational process in kindergartens.

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Mobile Technologies – Danger or a Possibility for Kids?

To be or not to be mobile? That is the question tormenting both parents and teachers in concern to the access of little kids to mobile devices and technology. Many adults believe that children should stay away from phones and tablets for as many years as possible. They see apps as a threat to a child’s intellectual development. Moreover, they see it as a possibility for kids to get addicted to mobile devices and subsequently have their futures inevitably ruined.

On the other hand, fans of educational apps point out that the world we live in would be impossible without mobile devices. After all, both parents and teachers spend a huge deal of time in front of the laptop or on their smartphone. Kids see that and they naturally want to copy them. Technological advancement is not a viral infection but a natural part of our times. The attempts to throw technology out of our lives and the lives of our children is irrelevant. The question is rather how we should include mobile devices in the everyday life of the little ones so they can have a positive effect on their development.

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